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The piece of mind from knowing you and your family are financially protected is priceless.

From there, we teach our clients the foundations needed to be financially independent.

Why Income Protection

Proper Secure Disability Insurance for Physicians and Healthcare Professionals is a Must


I had a 3rd Year Resident ask me this October, "Dr. Yerington, what exactly do you do now?" My answer:

•Review disability and life insurance(s), teach one-on-one physician-to-physician why your physician career and life are financially unique.

•Advise and propose solutions. Explain strategy for DI and Life Insurances doctor-to-doctor. You learn from someone who has been there. 

•Vigorously advocate that you are as young and healthy as you are ever going to be, doctors need to act. No procrastination.

•Privately teach basic financial literacy (if necessary) based on level of knowledge already. Extensively networked with financial experts that focus on doctors careers, practices and lives.

•Propose debt management based on amount, type of debt, your speciality and geography of future attending practice. The choices a medical student or resident has today have significantly changed in the last 10 years.

•Advocate for you to become a World Class Saver (at least 20% gross per month) and congratulate you on achieving it for years until you are debt free!

I find celebrating the achievements of you as a person helps reduce physician stress and burnout in your early career knowing you are building a solid financial foundation for you and your family.  ~Chris

EVERYONE learns what they know from others... Learn about disability insurance for physicians from an expert. Learn from a Disabled Physician How Best to Protect Your Career Income!

Dr. Christopher Yerington:

Husband, father of four


Suffered a career ending injury in 2009

Discovered, painfully, how disability insurance really functions for a doctor

Forced to become an expert in Disability Insurance in order to advocate for himself

Dedicated to advising & educating others, especially in the healthcare field, about disability insurance

The Ohio State Medical Association's (OSMA) Disability Insurance Advisor

Advocating for clients when they have a disabling illness or injury so they NEVER have to be alone

Your Career Income is Your Largest Asset


What will you do if your clinical career ends?


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Christopher Yerington, MD, and his partner, Shawn Sentz, CLU, ChFC, who has written more than 3,000 physicians disability insurance policies over 40 years, would be happy to assist you.

Physicians Income Protection

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