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Physician Autonomy 101: Time, Energy and Resources


You've traded your Time, Energy and Resources to achieve Mastery in the Art of Medicine. Twenty-five years ago, that Mastery meant the Responsibility to Direct & Choose your patient's care and treatment with near full Autonomy over your own career and job life.

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The Darkest Nights make for the Most Splendid Dawns on Earth


My purpose is to get information and hope to young doctors, residents and medical students to wake them up to the fact if they will not care for their income, their freedom, their life-balance... no one will. 

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The Lily Pad Life - 21st Century American Medical Training


If you are on the Journey to becoming an Attending Physician, you are, right now, checking the boxes and jumping through the hoops. Check. Did that! Those Hoops completed! Yes. Next, Hop! That's your training. What about your Life? Really, what about YOUR Life? The living part of it... consider what happened to your life without the medical career, without the income.

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Disability Insurance: The Fading Unisex World of 2019


This brief article is for all my female colleagues and the professional women entering the medical and dental work force as Residents or Practicing Dentists, PAs, CNPs, CRNAs, etc, in 2019. Please share this with any female medical or dental professional student or resident you know. It's important for their future!

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Happy New Year: 2019 - The Resolution Year


Having never made a New Year's Resolution in my life, last night was curious. I made my first one. No, I'm not telling you... then it won't come true. Wait, that's wishes. I'll tell you but I want you to understand. I was disabled in 2010 from cardiac and trauma anesthesia. Since then, my life has been 'difficult' on many levels.

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2019 Prescription for Doctors



"Eat right - mostly vegetables and good variety, some fruits, no meat, no dairy, little to no oil or salt, use spices instead, no alcohol, no smoking or illicit drugs and then add long grain rices and beans to make up calorie counts for height. Drink only water.

Sleep right - 7.5–8.5 hours. Have a consistent bedtime routine, no electronic screens 40–60 minutes before sleep time. Wake up at the same time every day.

Exercise right - Walk every other day 25–35 minutes. Swimming is a great alternative. Be smart about physical activity but do it consistently.

Perform 6 out 7 days for 12 weeks"

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A Doctor’s Time and Life: Reading The Fine Print

Physician Income Protection Doctor Dentist Disability Insurance Resident Medical Student

While I write on physician income protection regularly, rarely does my personal world and that of teaching disability insurance to doctors, especially interns and residents, overlap in a single day! Such a day has now occurred. I had the chance to visit with my brother, a cardiac anesthesiologist, and his family this Labor Day Weekend.

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The Under-Insured Doctor: A Completely Avoidable Disability Tragedy

Disability Insurance Doctor Medical Dentist Resident Medical Student

This article is written for graduating medical students and resident physicians. Once a month I hear of a physician becoming disabled who is underinsured. When the physician’s underinsurance comes as a complete and utter surprise to the disabled doctor, the emotional toll is extreme. As a last insult atop their career ending injury or illness, a majority of the time, this predicament is the physician’s fault because they never took the time or energy to understand their income protection plan.

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Protect Yourself From Your Group Disability Insurance Policy

Disability Insurance Doctors Physicians Residents Dentists Medical Students

Featured on & Cory Fawcett's Blog after originally appearing on Doximity. Doctors and Dentists, often wrongly, believe their hospital, group or practice should provide good group disability insurance.

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PGY-1 and Done: Onto Residency and What’s to Come

Physician Income Protection Doctor Dentist Disability Insurance Resident Medical Student

It’s September! Football has started. Go Bucks! I live in Ohio… Buckeye Nation! I can’t help it. Best of All: The kids return to school in earnest and the Intern Physicians start taking overnight call and the rest of the Residency goes back to normal!

I ask every doctor in September: Do you know YOUR income is protected?

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YOU are reading this RIGHT NOW... Make sure your Physician Income is properly Protected today!

Physician Income Protection Doctor Dentist Disability Insurance Resident Medical Student

Seriously, it takes a little time to understand disability insurance and the uniqueness of being a physician, dentist or medical professional as it relates to protecting your greatest asset. YOU are worth it, get this done correctly the first time.

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Two Years Later… After Suicidal Ideation

Physician Suicide

Physician Suicide is increasing. Among the major American Professions — physicians commit suicide more than any other professional. The current rate is a little over one doctor each day ending their life. Compared to the general population, doctors are twice as likely to commit suicide.

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Advice the way I would have wanted it

Income Protection is a Procedure, too!


 Career Income Protection & Security and what follows naturally, Resource Management & Wealth Accumulation; for all the outside appearance of complexity and, to some, of great and ever-changing mystery; These are nothing more than a series of little steps all linked together in a proper and specific manner for each patient, I mean client, I really mean You. 

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Disability Insurance: A Unisex World in 2018? Maybe no longer…

Unisex Rates Disability Female Women Physicians Dentists

This brief article is for all my female colleagues and the females entering the medical and dental work force as residents. This information will only be helpful for a year, maybe at the most into the first part of 2019. Please share this with any female medical or dental student or resident.



an adjective

“designed to be suitable for both sexes”

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Mental/Nervous Coverage in your Disability Insurance: Depressing but Important

Mental/Nervous Disability Insurance Doctor Dentist

As a disability insurance educator and advocate, speaking to resident physicians or dentists or during private consultations, I make a point to go over Mental/Nervous coverages every time.

Some specialties need to look at the Mental/Nervous claims benefit offered in disability insurance policies more than others because their specialty has a higher statistical chance of being disabled on a Mental/Nervous condition.

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What Every Graduating Resident Physician Should Know Before Purchasing Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance Resident Physician Dentist Income

My passion is sharing my story as a disabled anesthesiologist with physicians and professionals around the nation. Gee, wouldn’t be nice if someone just came out and gave you the tips for purchasing disability insurance as a resident physician or dentist.

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We Remember and Honor Those Who Protect Our Way of Life

Disability Physician Finance Income Dentist Insurance

Physicians have the power to change the world for each and every patient they treat or educate. That power also comes at great cost and sacrifice. You made the decision to give up much of your 20’s and likely are in a good deal of personal debt.

While many physicians do an outstanding job of protecting their patients, these same amazing people do not do a great job of protecting themselves or their financial lives. 

“Place your own oxygen mask on first; then help others…” we hear it on every flight, every time… because it is true and it is very true in finance.

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2018 Resident Presentation


For residency directors and administrative contacts for residency programs. Required didactics outside of clinical specific coursework is often required by human resources and accreditation.

"Physicians Income Protection: Your Options" is my 2018 resident lecture/discussion or presentation depending on your circumstances. Representing no insurance company, I educate residents on what they need to know to be informed about disability insurance.

24%-27% of current residents will become disabled during their careers. Contact me today and let's getting this topic into the schedule for your residency.

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Physicians Income Protection on FaceBook


Building a Second Career after Medicine is hard enough... having to learn and navigate the social media world of the 21st Century can be just downright intimidating.

For those that have known me for some time or my clients, please Like or leave Reviews. Thank you in advance!!!

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Time, Resources & Talent: Your Gifts to This World, Even When Disabled

Disability Insurance Doctor Physicians Residents Dentist

There are really only three things that anyone offers this world, the people and things they encounter; Time, Resources and Talent. Time is the most precious of all. Time cannot be made. Time cannot bend to your will or your wants. Each day time begins for all of us and each night that day is gone, history.

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How Do Your Disability Insurance Policies Stack Up?

Christopher Yerington Disability Insurance Doctor

If it has been more than three to five years, you may want to get an independent review of your policy(s). Over 50% of physicians and dentists will never review their disability coverage during their careers. There are certainly time constraints in all our lives. There are often psychological barriers to looking at the worst-case scenarios in our lives. Reach out today.

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Understand Why You Need Great Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance for Physicians and Dentists

We protect that which we love. Helmets, wrist guards, environmental appropriate clothing and gear, education about the sport, the weather, the effects of cold, dehydration, altitude and then the education and practice of what to do in an emergency… all to create safety and security. To protect what we love.

Why did you go to medical or dental school? Why did you give up most of your 20’s? Most of you did it to help many people over a long and fulfilling professional career. All of you knew the income generated would provide for yourself and your loved ones. Three out of ten medical and dental professionals will be disabled for a period of time during their careers. For some, like myself, the disability will end our clinical career permanently.

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Group Disability Insurance Nightmare Coming to an End


You have the power as a young physician or resident in medicine or dentistry to completely prevent what happened to me.

This is a part of my story. It is difficult to talk about. I’ve not been able to write about it until today.  

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What you need to know: Disability Insurance for Physicians


Nine years ago, my two-year-old was convinced he could wield a knife and carve that pumpkin! Eight years ago, I was convinced everything would be alright if I lost my ability to work because I had disability insurance.

My name is Dr. Christopher Yerington, a former anesthesiologist, disabled since January 2010...

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