2018 Resident presentation


Designed for residents and young physicians

Learn about disability insurance from a physician who has been through the entire process. What was done correct. What could have been done better. Everything that I wish I knew before getting disability insurance.


Give residents and young physicians the right tools to make the decision to protect their greatest asset

Many residents and young doctors and dentists are exposed to a company-specific representative during their training. Their job is to sell their companies products. This presentation is about educating doctors and dentists about everything they should know prior to buying disability insurance.


30,000 foot view of Disability Insurance

We are all pressed for time. Our schedule will meet yours... yes, even at 5:45am for a resident presentation. Why? Because it is worth it. It is worth it to teach and prepare younger doctors and dentists to protect themselves properly.

Many programs are required to have some non-clinical didactic teaching about career, work management, substance abuse, human resource issues. Here's one way to get that done for your residents.

The three basic disability insurance must haves


Own Occupation

Many companies list this as a sales tools but the fine print in their policies read as a modified-own-occupation policy that is little more than a limited income replacement tool. This does not protect the physician's career earnings. Worse, these policies often force the physician to gainful employment outside of medicine without any increase in compensation or complete loss of the coverage. 


Future Insurability

Every single doctor and dentist in America should have this in their private disability policy. Those residents that understand and choose a great policy with a great company can be covered for their life's career without every answering a question about their own health or activities. 70%-75% of physicians and 85% of dentists can be done for life with the right policy in residency.


This seems obvious but unless you know a disabled doctor, it is hard to imagine your career disappearing or the importance of your choices

Why do I teach?

I was not taught properly about disability insurance.

It cost me years of life, tons of frustration  and millions of dollars.

The rates of great disability insurance among doctors has been falling year after year and I decided to do something about it.

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